Tuesday, 4 July 2017

we are lreaning maths. maths is the coolist. I love maths by by xxx

miss haares houes

hi my name is Ozzy  I went to miss haares house. it was so so cool we had fun we did fun theds. it was legs kin ndsand. it was cool I play on the hollduy. it was so cool.


Monday, 3 July 2017

Haunted House Pick a Path
File:The Haunted House Das Geisterhaus (5360049608).jpg ...

Use descriptive words.

We will write the 1st paragraph together, then you will write the next paragraph by yourself.  

You’ll be writing about how you get out, make sure you use describing words.

As I walk up to the Haunted House I saw graves, I sneaked around to the back of the house.  The window is cracked but the window was too small, so I kept searching for the door. Through a cobweb filled alley, I see a door, it’s open I walk inside, I hear a baby crying.  I search the house for the baby.  I walk into find a radio on the bench, through the speaker I hear “you’re not leaving here now”.  I run for the front door.  The door is locked shut there is no way out…

Animation Voiceover

Before you start your writing, you need to put this document into your writing folder.

What is my animation about?
What do I want to say about our environment?
What are you doing in your animation that is helping our environment?

File:Kinzua Creek.JPG

Start Here:  I was walking and I saw a Rubbish in  the creek. The creek was a rubbish.
I went to pick up the rubbish. The creek was a flood. Rubbish and a box of rubbish. The rubbish was coming for the box. The box was big like a big man. The box was big then a men. The creek was a flood and I saw same people very there. All of the people was helping to pick up  the rubbish. The people

Diving At The Pool

What is a swimming carnival? p.2
It was going to be held in 3 week.
Why doesn’t she like swimming? p.3
Became she couldn't dive.
Why did Yasmin feel upset? p.4
Became one of the boy’s.
Why couldn’t Yasmin eat her dinner? p.6
She could hardly eat.
How is Yasmin going to learn how to dive? p.8
For her mum.

Draw a picture in Pixlr of yourself diving off a diving board and insert the image below.

The Waka
We are going to write about this image, remember what we talked about this morning.

Describe the setting, use descriptive words.  Write about your voyage in the waka to the land you are searching for.

When we walk up we put  the waka on the sand. I can see the  people getting ready to get , in the waka. When they got  in the  waka  they went and made a lot of splash, in  a sea gast like a warhol . when the splash sotp a big big waves was smashing down to the sea the waves was crashing into the waka and more came a lot of big cashing  I can smell the sand and the dog.The dog small like seit water, became it look like it have been in the sea. The dog was barking and barking. When the dog, was barking and baring the chief was speaking to his people  .I can hear the water splashing in the sea,  like it is a big big waves crashing smashing in  to attack the people and me. When the water get big and big it men at it is a big attack, and you need to go somewhere where it is safe for the people to have a, good day. In the morning we went to get the waka again to go back to they village far far far far away for home. They went on the waka and they went to home. They did not make it became, they die some of the people was a live but some was die became they was 2000 people on the waka. This is the people die 100 of people.  When the people die they was looking for the village and one of the men saw the village and he saw the village the village I saw the, village and when he saw the village he went to go and tall all of the people to go back to the way saw the village  so he went to look, for the chief. He saw the chief and he said to him chief I saw the village we went pat it. The chief said to the people to go back and the people saw the village. or home is back.