Monday, 27 March 2017

Relay Race

On Monday Morning Mr Moran Writing Group went outside. We had fun. We did  Relay race obstacle course. We was versing  the Girl and the boy was run and the girl was running at the back of the boy. It was fun when we was versing the girl. The boy  was going to win dut the girl win kis they was all  lot of boys and they was sanm girl. The boy was going when it was the last boy.

Friday, 17 March 2017


1st Sentence: What do you see walking up to the ride?
On a sun Day I was skipping up to the ride.
2nd Sentence: How do you feel?
As I ran to the line I had butterflies in my tummy.
I felt nervous as I skipped across the bridge to the line.
As I crept to the line I felt like I was in danger.
3rd Sentence: Waiting in line.
When I was Waiting in  the line. I was Waiting and waiting in the line