Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Gold medal

Once upon a time there was a gold medal. Someone was trying to steal the gold
medal.  the bird  was trying and trying hard to get the gold medal. It flew  up and down on the road it work hard and hard to get the gold medal. His name is Tj and Gm was the goods swimmer in the world and he win the gold medal. He was in the car with his dog   and baby and car. When the bird called out to the all the other bird and the bird came and got it the birds flew away Tj get the gold medal and  he put it in his own cool dox that his dad gave him the cool box when he was five. 

Friday, 9 September 2016


Iet's go eels

yesterday in the hall   Assembly Room fifteen went to the hall and the whole ptengland school.we learned all about eels. Room  fifteen had fun in the hall. When we saw a men working across the hall. He even made a song up it is called sweet love a love a and I like  his song. was mabe  up in the kitchen when he was cooking in the kitchen.we learned a lot of eels. We have to make shore  the sea is safe. It is important to make sure the eels are safe.