Monday, 12 December 2016

Book reading

Clifford was at the beach and he wanted to jump in the sea but there were lots of people  doing fishing. Clifford had a idea. All of the people that were doing fishing went on Clifford's back and the people that are doing fishing caught a lot of big fish when Clifford was swimming far. There was a storm coming up to Grandma's house but Clifford came to saves grandma’s house. Thank you to all the teachers that read us stories today.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

My Year

My best year on my iPad was doing fiafia and swimming. Swimming I was the best at 
Swimming and I Was good like a swimming. Fiafia was fun and I was in the 
Hip hop. In hip hop we do cool dance. There was three cool dance.
The three dance”s name”s are Lydia and antzel and precious they
Dance on the  stage. Lydia and antzel and precious dance cool
In 2015 it was cool and fiafia is fun and cool. In fiafia I saw najari 
Jump on the trampoline and he turn to do a front flip and najari got it.
When it was the other to have a turn. They jumped and front flip 
And it was cool.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Maths week 7

Nelson get a fright

Making mousse

WALT:  We are learning about the changes in matter.  
What ingredients did we need to make mousse? 
Milk and mousse spoons and cup 

What happened when we added the ingredients?
When you put the mousse powder  inside the milk 
It stayed on on the top but when we mixed it the
Mousse dissolved.

What did we learn?
We learn how to  make mousse on Mundy and it was fun we drink the mousse and the mousse.


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The river

When the Tiger went to get drink he saw a shark and the shark tried to eat the tigre. When the tiger saw the shrek. The tiger ran away from the shrek. The shrek was going to jump up but when the shrek  jump up  he was scared to jump because the Tiger went to get the rest of the tiger.

Friday, 21 October 2016


Room fifteen made a yeast. The yeast is like kaka and the small yuck. Room fifteen had a turn the ingredients. The ingredients were warm water then Sugar and then the yeast when you put the yeast you will put it in the jar. Whenever you smell in the yeast the yeast will be smell it will smell yuck. When it get night you will put the jar somewhere warm in your house

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The cave

Once upon a time there was a cave it was scary and spooky in the cave there was a dragon was in the cave and the dragon was a sleeping in the cave. When the dragon woken up and the dragon was a boy his name was tj. Tj was jumping up and down. When tj a sew a never dragon and tj was in love with her. When she went past him she came back to tj and she said hi tj said what is your name she said my name… My name is cj I like your name it a cool name. When they met they saw fifteen grizzly bears tj and cj don't got kill some of the bear don't got kill they ran for the dragon bets TJ and Ci had bat in the cave.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tasting bread

Compare different types of bread by texture appearance and taste

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Congratulations Ozzy!

This post is a copy of a post which appeared on the Room 15 Class Blog, celebrating Ozzy winning the school wide Hiwi the Kiwi writing competition!  Well done Ozzy, I was really impressed at the effort and enthusiasm you demonstrated during this task - Mrs Belt!


Last term we enjoyed having Hiwi the Kiwi visit Pt England School.  There was a school wide competition to win a fishing rod.  To participate, learners needed to write a story about the messages that the Minstrel delivered during his show.  It was awesome that Ozzy from Room 15 won the prize.  Today he collected his reward - we're looking forward to hearing about all the fish that Ozzy catches.

Here is Ozzy's competition winning writing along with the picture he carefully created in his own time at home:

If you go fishing at the beach you will need to buy five sunscreen. You have to take your life jacket and a fish ruler to measure the fish. When you catch a fish you will have to put it in the bucket  with ice and you will have to get some of the saltwater. You will need to put your glove on. When you hold the fish with your fish glove you will need to put a wet towel under the fish so it doesn't get bad. It is important  to make sure  the seagulls do not eat the plastic. Take the plastic away from the seagulls and if you see plastic in the water you will need to get it. In the water scare the seagull and do not kill it with a bucket of water.  Only scare it with your water blaster gun if you have one scare it.