Monday, 12 December 2016

Book reading

Clifford was at the beach and he wanted to jump in the sea but there were lots of people  doing fishing. Clifford had a idea. All of the people that were doing fishing went on Clifford's back and the people that are doing fishing caught a lot of big fish when Clifford was swimming far. There was a storm coming up to Grandma's house but Clifford came to saves grandma’s house. Thank you to all the teachers that read us stories today.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

My Year

My best year on my iPad was doing fiafia and swimming. Swimming I was the best at 
Swimming and I Was good like a swimming. Fiafia was fun and I was in the 
Hip hop. In hip hop we do cool dance. There was three cool dance.
The three dance”s name”s are Lydia and antzel and precious they
Dance on the  stage. Lydia and antzel and precious dance cool
In 2015 it was cool and fiafia is fun and cool. In fiafia I saw najari 
Jump on the trampoline and he turn to do a front flip and najari got it.
When it was the other to have a turn. They jumped and front flip 
And it was cool.